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Wildlife, Nature and Aerial Photography

Dan CaldemeyerPhone #: 707-483-9934

My ph# is my old California #. I now live in Louisville, Ky. Any purchases made will be shipped directly to your address. I will change my ph # later but the email will stay the same. I will list my new Ph# on here when I get it. For any pricing questions please call or email me. I am in the process of putting together a price page but for now I am concentrating on getting all of my Galleries up and running. I now have 8 out of a planned 15 Galleries finished. 
When viewing these photos on my website try to imagine them larger. I print up to 30”X40” on some photos. Panoramas up to 14”x52”. So look closely at the photos fine detail and try to imagine them much larger then what you see on your computer. The larger they are the more detail you see which is very important on Landscapes especially because there is so much more detail then there would be in a photo of an animal or a bird. The animal or bird will take up most of the photo and you can see all of the detail as opposed to a landscape where there will be important details all over the photo. For instance take the landscape Reflections of Painters Pond or Crystal Mill. Look at the ripples in Painters Pond and the water falls in Crystal Mill. There is so much more detail in them that can be better seen in an enlarged image.Then try to imagine them enlarged and hanging over your couch or wherever,…in your house. Thank you for your patience. I hope to have all of this done in a couple of months. Dan